A Clean Vape is a Happy Vape!

Vaping has become one of the fastest-growing trends in the hobbies & recreation industry. Not only is vaping relaxing, but it’s also incredibly fun to tinker with the kits
and test various flavors. What many don’t realize, however, is that vape kits are much like any machine—it needs ongoing care and maintenance to keep functioning well.

One of the basic maintenance procedures to learn with your vape kit is to learn how to clean it. Whether it’s a vape mod and tank or vape pod/all in one system, you’ll need to do some basic cleaning to keep it firing properly and tasting perfect. This one maintenance procedure can actually affect how it works—which is why learning it is imperative.

To help you in that regard, here are some step-by-step guides to cleaning your vape mod and vape pod kits.

Cleaning Your Vape Mod’s Body

E-liquid leaks can potentially harm the internal system, which is why some cleaning can help maintain it. Take note that your vape mod is an electrical device, which is why it’s important not to flush it with water.

  1. Remove all removable and replaceable parts from the main body. This usually includes the tank and the battery, as well as any cases.
  2. Remove any visible dirt, dust, and lint from the body. You can use your fingers or some tweezers for more difficult to reach parts.
  3. Check down the 510 connection pin (where the tank screws in) to make sure there is not a build up of e-liquid down there. If there is juice inside the 510 connection, use a dry paper towel or cotton ball to soak up the liquid.
  4. Wipe the entire system down with a dry paper towel—this should get rid of any fresh leaks. You may use a cotton bud for the harder to reach areas. Using a moist rag can get rid of some of the thicker accumulated gunk—but take care not to touch any of the electrical components to avoid breaking your device.

Cleaning Your Vape Mod’s Tank

The tank holds your juice, which is why cleaning it every so often can help you taste your e-liquid better. Improper burning or burnt-out coils can also affect the juice’s consistency and taste, so replacing them regularly is essential. Most coils will last around 1-2 weeks before they need replacing, there are many variables that affect the longevity of the coil in your vape, but if the inside of the coil has turned dark brown or black then you need to replace it.

  1. Detach the tank from your mod and disassemble the tank to its base components. See diagram below:

  1. Unscrew or unplug the coil and discard.
  2. If you clean your tank regularly then you should be able to run the components under hot running water and then set aside on a paper towel to dry.
  3. If it has been a while since the tank has been cleaned then you can leave all the components in a basin of warm water—this can clear most of the e-juice out. Let it sit for around 5 to 10 minutes.
  4. For any harder to clean built-up gunk, use a cotton bud to wipe it out. If you use soap, then make sure to rinse off the components thoroughly to remove all remains of soap after cleaning.
  5. Make sure to dry out all the parts well before installing a fresh coil and mounting it to your mod again. The tank comes in directly to the electrical components of your mod, which is why ensuring the contact is dry can avoid any breaks or malfunctions.

Cleaning Your Vape Pod

 Vape pod systems are easier to maintain than your older mod systems. Many pods are easily replaceable, but the advent of AIO (all in one) systems that incorporate replaceable coils for pods (such as with the Voopoo Navi, Vinci and Drag X and similarly the Smok Nord and Smok RPM-series) require a bit more cleaning to use.

  1. Remove the pod from your pod system’s body.
  2. Clean and wipe the contact with a paper towel or cotton ball—this will take away any residual e-liquid.
  3. For pods with replaceable coils, disassemble these and clear out the remaining layer of e-liquid. Rinse the pod cartridge out with hot water or you can leave the pod case in warm water to clear out any dried up vape juice.


Owning a vape system isn’t just about purchasing and using, it requires some maintenance and care to continually use it. Through regular cleaning, you don’t just prolong the life of your system, but you also get to taste the full experience of your chosen e-liquid.

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