Why Is My Vape Leaking?|?|?

Problem 1: Coil has not been installed properly

There are many types of coils. Some are designed to be screwed in, if these are not screwed in correctly it will cause leaking through the thread. With plug in coils if they are not installed correctly there will be gaps open and the juice will be able to leak out the bottom of the tank.

The Fix: With screw in coils, make sure you screw the coils in to the bottom of the tank first, not into the chimney first. That way you can ensure it is in tight and threaded correctly. With plug in coils, you need to make sure they are plugged in completely and check if there are any grooves/flat sides that they need to line up with to fit in flush and snug.

Problem 2: Extreme heat and change in air pressure

A major problem in the ridiculously hot Western Australian summers is leaking tanks as the heat thins out the e-liquid so it will seep through the cotton in your coil faster. This is particularly a problem for underground miners who are not only battling extreme heat but also the change in pressure forcing the already thinned  juice through the coil.

The Fix: If you can’t escape the heat, we recommend you ensure you swap to liquids with a higher VG ratio. 70/30 or 80/20 is a thicker consistency which will help with the thinning. Definitely stay away from 50/50 blends. When you are going on an airplane or heading underground, ensure your airflow vents are shut while the pressure is changing and ensure your tank is vertical. Ideally you should empty your tank first but it is not imperative.

Another common option is to swap to a sub-ohm tank with top airflow like the Zeus, or Fat Rabbit tanks so that the liquid wont leak out as easily.

Problem 3: Old coils

Coils should last between one to two weeks, depending on usage, and you need to replace it as required.  The cotton in your coil is the only barrier between the liquid in your tank and the airflow of the tank. Over time the cotton in the coil will deteriorate and juice will escape through the cotton, down the center of the coil and out the airflow of the tank.

The Fix: Replace your coil regularly and make sure that it is installed correctly to avoid any leakage.

Problem 3: Improper filling of the tank

Whenever you fill your vape’s tank, make sure that you do not spill any e-juice into the tank’s chimney. The chimney is what you call the tube that you see in the middle of your tank and ends at the mouthpiece. When a liquid gets inside the chimney, it will flood the coil and make your tank bubble and leak.

The Fix: Always be careful when filling your tank. The tanks fill point will always be off-center or the side holes, never pour liquid into the center hole, that is the chimney. If you do spill liquid down the chimney or the coil has flooded you can wrap a paper towel around the airflow holes and blow really hard down the drip tip (mouth piece) of your vape and that will blow any excess liquid out of the coil and out the airflow. Also, you can use a cotton ear bud to soak up any excess liquid off the coil. Just stick the cotton ear bud straight down the centre until it hits the coil.

Problem 4: Vaping incorrectly for your coil type

A common problem when people are beginning their vaping journey. They want a tank that can produce a lot of vapour and flavour but often when you first quit smoking, you’re not used the way you inhale vapour and most people will start off with smaller shallower puffs as they get used to inhaling the larger amount of vapour than what they are used to inhaling from their smoke. If you start with a MTL (mouth-to-lung) tank you will not experience this issue as MTL tanks are designed to be inhaled in the same way cigarette smoke is, however, DTL (direct-to-lung) tanks are not designed to be vaped that way and if you are taking too shallow a puff, the coil will heat up and without you pulling the airflow through the tank and drawing the liquid through to be vapourised by the coil, it will instead pool in the coil and leak out airflow holes.

The Fix: Aside from swapping to a MTL tank in the meantime as you adjust to inhaling the vapour, the other alternative is to swap to a different type of coil. We often recommend people beginning their vaping journey pick a tank that takes a wide variety of coils with different wattage ranges that will suit many different styles of vaping. Particularly Voopoo PnP coils like in the Navi, Vinci and Drag pods  or the tanks that are compatible with the universal small coils such as Vaporesso and Hellbeast coils this way you can change the coil you buy over time rather than buying a whole new tank/device.

Problem 5: Damaged O-Ring

The o-ring is the rubber ring you find in the top and bottom of your tank. Its primary purpose is to prevent the juice from leaking out of your vape’s glass or other parts. These rubber rings can get damaged or broken over time. Once it gets damaged, there will be no more air seal in your tank, resulting in leaking juice.

The Fix: When you buy a tank or kit it will come with extra o-rings in the box. Installing an o-ring is easy. You have to take out all the parts, remove the damaged ring and replace it with the new one. They slip on and off very easily.


Problem 6: Your tank is damaged

E-cigarette tanks are durable, but that does not mean that they cannot get damaged. Aside from the obvious breaking of glass, sometimes when the tanks is dropped it can cause the chimney to bend or parts to pop out of place/separate.

The Fix: If you experience leaks in your vape and already tried all the fixes listed here, maybe it needs replacing. Place your vape against the light and carefully examine it for any hairline cracks or chips in the glass or for any crooked parts that aren’t fitting together properly. If the glass is broken check the box your vape/tank came in there will be a replacement glass tube in there. If it is the metal part of the tank that is broken and it cannot be put back together properly, you unfortunately will need to buy a new tank.



Proper care, usage, and maintenance will make your e-cigarette last a long time. Vape leaks, a common problem experienced by many vape users, are easy to handle as long as you recognize early where the issue is coming from. Regular cleaning will also prevent the buildup of juice residue, thereby preventing other problems from happening.


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