2 Simple Ways to Keep your Eliquids Fresh

Whether you’re a beginner in the vaping community or a veteran, everybody has unique cravings when it comes to building an e-liquid collection that’s tailored to your palette. From your classic fruity selections to confectionary delights, there’s no stopping you from adding more flavours to your collection.

Before you go on your merry way chasing flavours, it’s best to remember that your favourites won’t last forever. E-liquids, just like any food or beverage items, have an expiration date too, which means it can go rancid over time. Fortunately, it doesn’t make it dangerous to your health, though your juice will significantly drop in quality.

Before you waste your cotton or coils on sub-par juices, the list below should clue you in on the tell-tale signs that indicate your e-liquid has gone bad:


  • The colour will change over time and become darker than usual;
  • The smell will loose its strength, while the flavour lacks the same punch;
  • The juice will not give a smooth throat hit;
  • There are crystals and other debris that show the components have separated;
  • The nicotine potency will decrease;
  • The juice will be thinner than usual;


Fortunately, the freshness of your e-liquid collection can extend or shorten depending on how you store it. In that regard, the tried-and-true tips below should clue you in to how to properly store your e-juice to maximize every bit of flavour:


Tip #1: Store Your E-Liquid In A Cool and Dark Place

Long and direct exposures to sunny or hot conditions double the trouble for your e-liquid. High temperatures are the fastest way to degrade the components, resulting in a sour taste and an overall decline in its freshness.

Seeing as heat and light are two culprits that shorten the e-liquid’s shelf life, it’s best to store your collection in a cool and dark place. Glass, tinted bottles also take your storage solutions to the next level as it effectively bounces off light and heat, making it a worthy investment.


Tip #2: Keep the E-Liquid In An Airtight Container

 In addition to heat and light, adding air to the mix creates a triple threat to the quality of your e-juice collection. For one, letting air penetrate the liquid can result in oxidation, which can transform the juice and change the colour to a darker hue.

Too much oxidation can also dampen the taste and result in a stale liquid, especially in e-juices that have higher nicotine content as it is a highly reactive substance. Not to mention, the nicotine levels will also lose their intensity over time.


The Bottom Line: Proper Storage Extends the Freshness Of Your E-Liquid For More Cloud Chasing Adventures

 Nobody wants to vape juice that has a dull taste and little-to-no throat hit thanks to the deterioration of its nicotine content. While expired e-juice is still safe, the simple and easy-to-do tips above should ensure your e-liquid collection will last longer and taste just as fresh in the long run.

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