Choosing The Right Coil For You

One of the most critical parts of your vape is the coil. The coil is what turns your e-liquid into vapour. Not all coils are the same and the main variable between them is the recommended Wattage range and the material the coil inside is made of. It is important to note that you need to ensure the coil you choose is designed to be run at a wattage that your vape can achieve.

Like with any other part of the vape device, there are several things that you should consider when buying a vape coil. These factors by themselves can affect the production of vapor and the quality of your vaping experience.

With that said, here are three factors that you would need to consider to find the perfect vape coil for your specific needs and preferences:


Tank / Pod

 The first consideration when choosing a coil for your vape is of course what tank or pod you are using. Not all coils are universal and you need to ensure that the coil you buy is compatible with the tank or pod you are currently using, or else it won’t fit. As you may know, there are different vape devices in the market today, including sub-ohm mods, dripping systems, and traditional standard mods, all of which can take different tanks. You need to remember that it is the TANK or POD that determines the coil not the MOD. EG: If you have a Falcon tank on a Vaporless Mod, you are looking for Falcon coils not Vaporless coils.


Resistance Level and Recommended Wattage Range

 The resistance level of your coil, measured in ohm, is also an essential factor in determining what is suitable for your vape device and vaping needs.

All mods are different. Most regulated mods have Variable Wattage (which means you can turn the Watts up and down to suit different coils) if your mod has Variable Wattage then the only thing to make sure of is that the coil you are choosing has a recommended Wattage Range that is in the range of wattage that your mod can do. Single battery mods are usually capped at 80W and dual battery mods usually allow up to 180-220W. So for example you wouldn’t choose a coil that is designed to be used between 120-140W if your mod only goes to 80W.

If you are using a regulated mod that does not have variable wattage eg: stick style with just the fire button and no screen. Then you need to read the instruction manual or check with your local vape shop what the maximum output of your device is. These devices are designed to be used with a specific set of coils and the chip inside them is designed to give a certain amount of power. For example if it is a maximum output of 60W, then when it is fully charged you would expect it to fire at 60W but when it is getting flat the power will drop considerably and may end up only putting out half that until it goes completely flat. This means though, that you cannot use a coil with a maximum wattage of 40W, as it cannot be adjusted so when the device is fully charged it will be using more power than the coil is designed for and it will burn out very quickly (or if the difference is too great, then it will burn it out immediately). So instead in that instance, you would need to choose a coil that is designed to be run within the range of 30-60W.

In theory, the lower the Ohms the higher the Wattage range… it is not an absolute though so with premade coils you are better to focus on the recommended Wattage Range.

If you are using rebuildable coils then the Ohms are more important to take note of. In a regulated device it will tell you if the Ohms are too low and the device will not fire, however if you are using an unregulated or mechanical mod, it is imperative that you have a firm understanding of Ohms Law. If the Ohms are too low for what your battery can handle it will cause the battery to vent and explode. This is why mechanical mods are not for beginners.


Vapor Production

 Now for the fun part, vapor production and flavor.

If you want a discreet vape that does not produce too much vapor, then you are going to want a MTL (mouth to lung) pod or tank and low wattage coils to suit them. Most MTL coils are run at a low wattage (between 7-18W), If you use a thinner liquid with a strong flavor you can still get a decent flavor off them without the large plumes of clouds. MTL coils are often very small and the tanks are also often quite small as you are creating less vapor you will not use a much e-liquid so you will not need such a large tank.

If you want something that creates a large amount of vapor then you want to have a DTL (Direct to Lung) tank or pod and the higher wattage coils to suit them. Premade coils generally go up to 80W but there are a few brands that go up to the 120-140W range, at that point it tends to become more about heat than flavor so if you want a lot of cloud and flavor the 60-80W range is great, if you want very dense thick vapor and you like the heat more than the flavor then going 100W+ is an option worth considering. Although, if you are at that point it would be worth discussing with your local vape shop about swapping to a rebuildable tank so that you can achieve the higher wattage and heat with more flavor incorporated.

Most beginners fall somewhere in the middle of the above two options. They want enough vapor that it is satisfying and they can feel the vapor as they breathe it in and out, but when you first quit smoking your lungs are not back to fully capacity yet so it can be hard to take too much vapor initially. So usually starting on a mid range 30-50W coil works well. Choosing a tank that has many coil options is important for beginners so they can try a range of different coils to find what suits them best.

If you are unsure which to buy, ask assistance from the vape shop owner or check the manufacturer’s label to see which vape coil is compatible with your tank.



 Vape coils are important and one of the most essential parts of your vape device. It is what determines the quality of the vapor and flavor. Basically, the coil really does all the work! When buying a coil, ensure that you get a product that is compatible with the device that you are currently using.

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