When it comes to the world of vaping, the most exciting part is to explore various types of e-liquids. Whether it’s dessert, fruity, candy, menthol, or tobacco flavored, you can experiment with different flavors of juice to find what suits your taste and preferences. This is why many vape enthusiasts invest in a wide array of e-liquid products and turn their vaping experience into a hobby.

A common problem that vapers have is that they may forget to close their e-liquid bottle after use. This is not the same as steeping your liquids and if you are wondering what will happen if you leave it open for too long, and whether you should continue using the product or throw it out, we’ll further answer some  of these frequently asked questions in the following sections.

What happens when e-liquid bottle is left open?

It’s worth knowing that vape juice should be kept in a closed bottle and should be stored out of sunlight in a cool environment like a cupboard.  The goal is to ensure that oxygen won’t enter the bottle to prevent the oxidization process. The oxidization process is what affects the molecular composition of your e-liquid, allowing certain molecules to evaporate and leaving other molecules with a stronger concentration.

This means that when you leave your e-liquid bottle open for long periods, you are allowing oxygen to enter. During the oxidation process, it allows some flavors and nicotine molecules to dissipate, leaving your vape juice with a poor flavor. If left with the lid of for an extensive period of time it could cause the juice to oxidize to the point it is no longer usable.

What to know about steeping and leaving a bottle open

To further understand how the e-liquid works, it’s best that you first understand the difference between steeping and leaving your bottle open. Take note of the following:


  • Steeping: This process entails the proper storage of e-liquid bottles in an ideal environment to promote an ideal oxidization process. Yes, your e-liquid requires the right oxidization to achieve the preferred flavor and nicotine. The best way to steep your liquid is in a closed bottle in the cupboard and let it age naturally so that all the flavorings can properly bind to the other ingredients but there are other controlled ways of speeding up the process. Store bought liquids have already been steeped by the manufacturers and are sold ‘ready to vape’ so that you are not required to steep them further.


  • Leaving bottle open: This act is totally different from the steeping process. Leaving your bottle open allows your e-liquid to over-oxidize, which means that more molecules will evaporate, leaving your vape juice with an undesirable taste when you vape.


When to toss out your opened e-liquid bottle?

Now if you’re wondering when to throw out your e-liquid after you’ve left the bottle open, consider the following steps:

  1. Check the color of the liquid. In particular, if it was originally a clear or light cultured liquid and has now turned to a deep amber or dark reddish color then do not vape it, it will not be pleasant, it has gone rancid and should be thrown out;
  2. Check the smell and whether it still has the right smell for its flavor profile. If it smells strange or different then it has probable over oxidized and ruined the flavor.
  3. If there is no significant change in the color or smell of the liquid then it will be safe to taste it either on your finger or in your vape. Then you can determine whether or not the taste has changed to be harsh or unpleasant.

Follow these steps to help you determine whether or not your e-liquid can still be used and whether you should keep it or throw it away. If one or all of the above are impacted, consider purchasing a new one instead.


At this point, you now have a better idea of what will happen when you leave your e-liquid bottle open, especially for long periods. If you want to maintain its perfect flavor and extend its longevity, there’s no other way to do so than to close your e-liquid bottle and store it properly for future consumption.

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