RTA’s, RDA’s, Sub Ohm Tanks. What’s it all mean?



Sub Ohm Tanks
Sub ohm is a general term used when referring to a coil that runs at less than one ohm. For all intents and purposes this doesn’t matter a lot when selecting a tank, as there are generally many coil variations available. So, what is a tank? A tank is referring to the reservoir that holds the E liquid. And generally when people refer to a tank, they are referring to a tank that uses replaceable disposable coils. The coils are pre made and come in many adaptations and sizes, so be sure when selecting a tank that you have the correct coil type and that they are readily available. Wild West Vapers carries all coils for Tanks they stock and more. When purchasing replacement coils for your device for the first time, it pays to bring one of the used coils with you to ensure that you are provided with the correct type. Tanks with disposable coils are an excellent choice for beginners as they are straight forward and easy to use. Ensure you use the correct wattage range for the coil, this is usually displayed on the side of the coil. Sub ohm coils are not designed to be used in a Mechanical mod that does not have wattage control.

RDA stands for “Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer,” an RDA is not a tank and does not have a separate reservoir to store E-liquid, they are designed to drip e-liquid onto directly or alternatively to use with a sqounk mod that has a pin in the base with bottle attached to your device that feeds E-liquid into the RDA. RDA’s require you to install the coil material, and apply your own cotton. For beginner’s this can be a little challenging so is not generally recommended. However, if you would like to know how to set your RDA up, any good vape store will be able to show you exactly how. What are the advantages and disadvantages? RDA’s have a superior flavour to tanks that use coils, and it is debatable but generally most people agree that they have better flavour than RDTA’s and RTA’s also. RDA’s are generally cheaper to set up due to the lower cost of either making your own coils or buying pre made coils and cotton.

RTA stands for “Rebuildable Tank Atomizer.” An RTA is very similar to an RDA with one small difference. The atomiser section or “Deck” is submersed inside a reservoir or tank that holds eliquid covered by a cap. You build your coils with cotton in the same way with the exception that you place the ends of the cotton in a port that feeds from the tank surrounding the atomiser cavity. What are the advantages and disadvantages? RTA’s have the convenience of a tank with most of the flavour of an RDA. They do require some skill to wick correctly when applying the cotton. It can take some time to find the correct quantity to avoid leaking whilst keeping the coil saturated.

RDTA stands for Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizer. An RDTA is generally a hybrid of a RDA and an RTA. It has a top deck that replicates a RDA with a tank underneath it that has wicks that draw the E liquid up to the atomiser. What are the advantages and disadvantages? RDTA’s have the advantages of a tank and the RDA’s build deck. They are generally easier to prevent leaking as the reservoir is below and the build deck is not submerged like a RTA. Some people will find it difficult to prevent dry hits as it can be difficult to wick and allow enough liquid to saturate the coil.

What else will I need?
To start using an RTA, RDA, or RDTA, you will need a build kit or at a minimum tweezer’s, and small side cutters, coils or coil wire, and cotton. And some instruction is recommended. Check out our options online or in store here.https://wildwestvapers.com.au/collections/tanks