Aside from getting a less than satisfactory taste and possibly causing your tank to leak, using burnt-out coils could potentially reduce some of the health benefits of swapping to vaping. Over time the cotton inside the coil will become burnt and if you continue to use it you will no longer be vaping, but will effectively be smoking burnt cotton and sugar.

To ensure you get the best possible health benefits from vaping as a means to quit smoking, you need to ensure your coils are clean so that you are only breathing in the vapour of the eliquids and no smoke or other residue from a dirty coil.

While the lifespan of the coil in your vape can vary wildly depending on how much you use it, the type of coil you use, and the e-liquids that you consume, various signs will indicate the need for a change. In the sections below, we will share five clear signs that your vapes coil is nearing the end of its life:

Flavours are not coming through

The first sign that a coil is nearing the end of its life, is if the flavours are no longer as strong or satisfactory as they were before. This is because the coil is no longer efficiently heating up the juice, which affects the chemistry of the liquid.

Old coils will also have the problem of retaining the flavours of other juices that you have used for most of its lifespan. This can easily be remedied by swapping out the old coil for a new one.

The cotton has changed colour

The cotton inside the coil will change colour over time. Initially it will may go a grey colour, then a light brown, most people will not enjoy the flavour of the coil any longer when it gets to this point and this is when we recommend you change your coil. If you continue to vape on the coil at this point, then the cotton will continue to go darker and eventually black, and if you continue to vape further then the black cotton will start to look like it is covered in a black tar (it is not tar – it is a build up of burnt sugar). If you ever check your coil to see the colour and the cotton is black you need to change it immediately.

You frequently experience a burnt taste

 The primary sign that many vapers notice when using expired coils is the burnt taste that comes from it. If the burnt flavour is dominant over the flavour of your e-liquid, then you need to change your coil immediately.

Your e-cig is leaking or making a gurgling sound

Both symptoms are not always a sign of an old coil. For example, leaks can be caused by worn-out O-rings or an incorrectly installed coil. But when a coil is old and has been sitting in the e-liquid for a long period of time, the cotton inside the coil will become oversaturated and it will cause leaking or flooding of the coil which will make it gurgle. If the cotton in the coil is burnt it will start to deteriorate and break down and it will oversaturate more easily making it leak or flood more often.

You can determine if it is the one causing problems if swapping out for a new one gets rid of the issues immediately. If the gurgling or leaking continues even with a new coil in place, then it’s best to take your unit to a vape shop and have the professionals take care of it.

You can’t remember the last time you got a new coil

 Depending on how frequently you use your vape, you may find that the average lifespan of a good coil can be as short as five days to a month. However, a month should be the upper limit since it will continue to deteriorate from the time that it was first heated up, regardless of the frequency that you use it. The average life span of most coils is 1 to 2 weeks.



Prolonged usage of a failing coil will not only ruin your vaping experience by muting or overpowering the flavour, but it is also not healthy.  While there is no scientific evidence of this becoming a health risk yet, it’s still best to swap out new parts whenever you experience the five signs mentioned above.

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